This Month.

 This Month March 2019.

 This Month.



 Event coming,

Sorry, for last minute notice. Board meeting was canceled

 for Febuary 5 th. moved to March 5 th.

  At : 12026 Blue Island, Houston, Texas 77044. 


Loaction                    12026 Blue Island

                                 Houston, Texax 77044


 Club House is avalible for rental at $40.00 and hour, and a $150.00 deposit to cover any

damages to the building. or not and left clean, The Deposit Will Not Be Return.

   Some people are tossing trash on the ground at the playground area. We have
 trash cans. Please use them, for the kids safety.

 It has been noted that too many vehicles are parked on the street. The road and Brighes

 Do not belong to the community, and this could result in a fine. Do not park your car in the street, for a long time......


 El Club House  se puede rental a $40.00 por hora, con un deposito de $150.00

 gue te  regresa is todo seta limpio y no tienes  daños.

 Porfavo a tirar la basura en la tinas de basura, para mantener limpio el parque.